Gettin' Started

Gettin' Started
Photo by Anthony Intraversato / Unsplash

Welcome, everyone!

Once in a while I will write down important things, thoughts, solutions to the challenges I face as an entrepreneur.

Some cool content, tools, tips, and more widely how I am building Sparkmate (💙 on my cofounders BTW)

Why did I start this?

A lot of things made me start writing, but here are two important ones:

  • Last week I was listening to a podcast with Oussama Ammar (Aka the King). He said “In Europe, Entrepreneurs are not writing or documenting their journey. We need more entrepreneurs, writing, taking positions on topics”
  • On Friday I was dining/catching up with my co-founder and a good friend. We haven’t met for a while, we were still at STATIONF the last time we caught up together so almost one year ago.  We explained to him what we’ve done so far, and he was like “You need to write it down!”

I don’t pretend to change anything about Ouss’s problems but who knows. 😉 My life, my mindset, and my point of views are changing a lot. It will be cool to document it!

To give you a quick overview of the “Change”. I am signing 5 full-time employment contracts on Monday. Kinda weird to sign some employment contracts... When you never signed one for yourself in your whole life.

What will be here?

I often improvise in my life, and this blog will not be an exception. I will follow my feelings and my guts for this blog

Sparkmate is a thought project but it’s so fun and challenging to build so I wanted to share it with you.

I will share some content about what it takes to build it. Anything related to decision, vision, challenges, solutions and for sure how we build.

Since my young age, I am obsessed with building things! Entrepreneurship is the process of building. Building your team. Building your company. Building yourself.

Stay tuned for the good content, this one was just an intro one to explain to you the purpose of this blog/newsletter!

Don’t hesitate to reply to me and start a convo about anything or suggest any topics I should speak about 😉