I am a builder

Entrepreneur, Engineer, Sport addict, Podcast lover...

Lucky me I jumped into engineering at 12 yo. I learnt to use Catia V5 (the software used to design car, planes and rocket) and this gave me an unfair advantage early on in life. After this I did many things:

  • Founding one of France's first Fab-lab/Hackerspace,
  • Doing freelancing in Mechanical Engineering,
  • Started a couple of companies (maybe too much)
  • Lived in Shanghai, Sydney and Hong Kong

In January 2020, I took the decision to focus myself on something worth the investment. And since then I have been relentlessly building Sparkmate with outstanding co-founders and an amazing team.

Podcasting is one of my passion


With my co-founders Maxime and Ghislain we launched Sparkmate. and we do two things:

  • With passionate entrepreneurs we build IoT products. Call it the way you want but some people like to say that we are a Product Design and Engineering Studio.
  • With Corporates, we disrupt industries and build tangible business. Here too there are many words to define this, but you can say that we are Venture Studio.

Our business model is for now service oriented. It helps us to stay independent and free to move #ProudBootstrapBusiness. But our ultimate goal is to launch our own Ventures. After all we started Sparkmate with two convictions:

  • Tech and Entrepreneurs are and will change the world. => We want to be part of this crew of change makers building the worlds we want to live!
  • "Future of Work" is not here (yet). => We want to build meaningful and fulfilling lives for all our teammates.

More about Sparkmate here: sparkmate.co

Part of the Sparkmate team off-site tripping in Malta


I always loved a good podcast. Getting inspired by other builders has always been something very important for me! I decided to start my own podcast in 2020, I started "Dessine moi un produit" (Draw me a product) in french. It was very cool, I loved being able to challenge my guests and understand how they built their company. Did 12 episodes which you can find here:

A bit later I decided to overcome my fear of podcasting in english and jumped into it. I started to record Behind the Product. Improving the format and working my way to the perfect Content-Audience Fit. I still have a lot of work and things to learn in this game but enjoy the journey.

Behind the product is a podcast where I interview passionate founders. I dig to understand how they built the product, and what they leverage to build a succes

More about Behind The Product here: behindtheproduct.fm
More about Dessine Moi Un Produit here: dessinemoiunproduit.fr

Recording a podcast In Sydney with Nathalie